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Coffee Pot Usage

Can not be empty to burn. Like most kitchen appliances, electric coffee pots are not empty. Be sure to put the water and coffee before the end of the power supply, must not be in the empty pot state of power, in the boiling coffee, you should always pay attention to the water level in the kettle, if the water is nearly dry, should promptly cut off the power, otherwise it will burn pot body.

Pay attention to waterproof. Electric coffee pot can not dry burn, also can not add water too much, otherwise boiling water will overflow after the wet heating element, at the same time, do not let water splash to the pot body electrical components, so as not to reduce insulation performance, in the cleaning of coffee pot, can not be directly immersed in the water pot body, but to separate out the filter, filter cleaning, other parts preferably with a clean soft cloth wipe.

Regular descaling. Electric Coffee pot Before the first use, you should first boil two pots of boiling water to remove bad taste, the future will be based on the use of 2-5 times a year descaling.

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